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Pyramid Lake 

Live at Adam Art Gallery (Selections)Pyramid Lake
00:00 / 07:46

Pyramid Lake is an improvised quartet of dynamic musicians with varying backgrounds from noise rock, taonga pūoro & jazz to contemporary classical who share a love for improv & sonic exploration


Rob Thorne - taonga pūoro

Glen Downie - Saxophone

Simon Eastwood - Bass 

Dexter Stanley-Tauvao - Drums

Composting Impostors/Green Room 

Conducer (Excerpts)Glen Downie
00:00 / 03:35

Composting Impostors and later Green Room was founded as a composer/improviser ensemble to explore the boundaries between composition and improvisation.

Conducer is a piece with composed rhythmic cells and tutti groupings which are conducted and assembled live 


The Hypesax is an electronic extension to the saxophone created by Cristopher Ramos-Flores. I have worked with Cris and presented these two improvisations specifically using the feedback setting, which sends feedback through the bore of the saxophone, which can be manipulated by fingering and air pressure. 

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra 

Arthur Street Suite Excerpt Glen Downie
00:00 / 03:31

At the invitation of Arthur St Loft Orchestra impresario, Jake Baxendale, this 50 minute suite for medium/large jazz ensemble was completed and performed in 2019 with a successful repeat in 2020. 

One of my favourite and successful projects for fusing together my love of  compositional rigour and unrelenting free playing. 

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